Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 Sisters, 1 Elder and 2 Investigators

From left: Sister Hunt, Ja Ho Bae, Sister Gubler, Sister Bergeson enjoying a dinner of roasted tomato basil soup with pesto and pinenuts, watermelon, grapes, pineapple, homemade bread and homemade fresh peach jam.

From left: Sister Bergeson, Jack, Sister Alsbury, Sister K. Jack was previously taught by Elder Wormell and Elder Seo.


JA-HO said...

Hi, Knudsens~
Nice meeting you. I had a great dinner with you & other sisters & JACK. Thanks for inviting me.(Bread,Cookie & Tomato soup were very delicious!!)

I hope we will meet again someday. I thank Jesus Christ for knowing you guys & listening your advices.

I am a happy person with Jesus Christ's Grace~~*^^*

Anonymous said...

Hi Knudsen's, Tina Jones here, just had to mention how much that beautiful red skirt lights up everything about Becky. Even as a skirt (not being next to the face) the red hues creep up and brighten everything about you. Beautiful! Hugs, Tina

Amelia Hunt said...

Hey, my name is Amelia Hunt...I am Sister Hunt's sister. I love looking at your blog. I know Kristy was looking forward to having that dinner at your place. I hope everything went well!