Sunday, July 12, 2009

Using "Twilight" (the book) as a Finding Tool

The young lady in blue is a high school student. She was sitting on the bus reading Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight in English. So Elder Bogner walked up to her and said, "You like Twilight? I like Twilight!" Gave her a flyer for English class and then turned her over to Sister Choi (in yellow) and Sister Alsbury to teach her the gospel. The rest is history. Sister Toronto (in red) and Sister Choi also taught the cute 12 year old girl in the middle and she has joined as well. The other sister is a member who used to teach in the Korean MTC. She is a member who is loving these two new converts.


Anonymous said...'re so fast..^^
I'm 이선주..! Even though Today is our first time,,and I didn't speak much...You're so nice..and I feel so comfortable..! If we meet again,
We can talk alot^^..
Thanks for your invite..and delicious dinner(cookies..? is so good I love them..)..
Have a good night

Brooks Family said...

Hi Elder & Sister Knudsen! This is Yulia Brooks from your Seoul branch :) The internet world is so small! I just found your blog by accident (well, we know there are no accidents). And by the way, we know Elder Bogner. We visited the Ichon branch couple times lately and he serves there. We're thinking about transfering to that branch because it's much closer to us. Anyway, I'll be following your blog now. I have one about Korea too, but it's in Russian. See you on Sunday.