Monday, July 6, 2009

"New Experience"

Elder Turley, Roh Chung Lay, and Elder Caldwell came for dinner. Chung Lay had burritos last time and was hoping for "a new experience" He got one: buckwheat noodles with tomato cream sauce topped with ham, fresh basil and parmesan, watermelon smoothie, and pina colada ice and ginger cookies. AND homemade bread with honey. Fed the body. Feeding the spirit: He's been meeting with the missionaries for over 4 months and is feeling pressure. Sister Knudsen asked a favor of him to read Alma 32 and follow what Alma suggests. Chung Lay said he would. We told him it's okay to take time to know it's right.


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Yeah, I miss it when you and mom used to make dinner. That was the best.