Friday, July 24, 2009

Dinner At Sang Eui's Home

Sang Eui (in striped shirt) invited us to his home. He and his friends fixed us a delicious dinner of bibimbop, kimchi, a noodle dish and a 9 ingredient wraps. For dessert we had watermelon balls in cider, scooped from a watermelon bowl.

I don't know why the food photo is upside down!

Elder Nordfelt and Elder Booth showed up later after running from the bus stop. They are enjoying the cooling breeze of the AC.

Sang Eui built his beautiful home 2 years ago and contributed many ideas to the architects plans. His parents live a block away and have just finished building a new home as well, which we got to tour.


Ann said...

That is one colorful meal!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

Oh I love me some homemade bibimbap! Delish!

Tristen and Scott said...

That's Elder Nordfelt, not Elder Lufkin. Thanks for being so good to my brother. He loves both of you.