Monday, June 1, 2009

A Visit to Suwon

Sister Kim and Elder Kwon (Korean women keep their maiden name) invited us to visit them yesterday. We had lunch at their home and dinner (above) at a traditional Kim Bap restaurant. Their friend, Sister Pak was also visiting from Seattle.
View from a guard tower of the Suwon Fortress, built in 1794.
Climbing the guard tower.
Elder Kwon and his wife were released as missionaries in April.
Pagoda at the top of the mountain.
View of Suwon from the mountain top.
The architect of the fortress.
Now that's a round-about!
The fortress depicted on an old drawing. It takes 2 1/2 hours to walk around the fortress. When Japan occupied Korea they destroyed most of the buildings, and built a hospital, police station and something else on the ancient foundations. So sad. The restoration started in the 70s and in earnest in the 90s and is ongoing.
Door to the Summer house.
Sister Kim and the K's.
Sister Kim accompanying their friend, Sister Pak from Seattle. She has an operatic voice.
Her oldest son is serving a mission in Sweden where 80% of the missionaries never have a baptism. He has had 13 in the first 15 months!
Elder Kwon and Sister Kim playing the Viennese March.
A delicious lunch at the Kwons.

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