Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today, we took an hour and a half subway ride to SongTan (say sewng-tawn)
and went apartment hunting. Not for us. We're companions forever and there will be no transfers for the duration of our mission. We were looking for an apartment for a new military relations couple. We saw some dumps and one really nice one--as nice as ours. That's our recommendation.
The subway ride home took two hours. But we had seats. ahhh.
After we got home we feasted on Seoul's fresh produce. Sweetest melons ever. Fresh potatoes and yummy asparagus drizzled with Rebecca's ginger garlic dressing. And of course flowers from the flower man who is across from the bundaeggi (silkworm larvae) woman and next to puff daddy, the puffed cereal purveyor. We love our neighborhood vendors. One day we will introduce you to the happiest man in Korea. He sold me my "summer pants".
I bet you're excited to see THOSE aren't you?


k a t y said...

I bet it was nice to have a dinner just for two. And, yes, I most certainly would like to see your summer pants. Maybe Ryan will get some!

Ann said...

Pictures to come of those pants?

Wish I were eating that right NOW!