Friday, June 19, 2009

By Request- Some of My Artwork

9 Bee's Rug (wool with silk bees) 8'x10'

Bird Brain Conundrum

Do The Math.

Good Goose

Dancing With Rosemary

At Last! Anemone I Can Really Love. (Love Your Enemy)

Son Worshipper


Ann said...

I am lucky to have one of those! I also love your dancing with rosemary

judy said...

Oh Elder Kurt, Thank you so much for the art show. I love the beauty, humor and inspiration of your work. I love your blog too. It's the first thing I click onto in the mornings. Gotta check in on those crazy Knudsen Korean missionaries.

Anonymous said...

That bees piece is amazing! Is it woven? I'm so jealous of your amazing artisitic talents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would like one, but first: how big? and how much? It all depends on those things.