Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Elder Thomas, Elder Mildenhall, Elder Nye (been in Korea 7 days), and Elder Barker in Man Su. Clean apartment. Even a clean fridge!
Elder Wormell, our fearless DL and his companion Elder Seo in front of their tracting area, Mok Dong.
Some of the fun: We get to go and visit missionaries in their apartments in two zones.
The apartments probably aren't up to their mother's code of cleanliness and aesthetics, but they are for the most part clean and tidy. Quite the contrast to my first mission in Tonga. We didn't have electricity, or running water. Most of my "apartments" were fales, made from woven coconut fronds. In one, I had a chicken that would come every other day and lay an egg behind my wooden storage box--I didn't complain-- a free fresh egg. We used an outhouse, bathed by using the village water supply--a pipe out in the middle of the village green-and filled a galvanized bucket and did a splash bath followed by a rinse of picking the bucket up and dumping it over our heads. So even though these South Korean missionaries often don't have a bathroom sink, they DO have a shower, hot and cold water, flush toilet, a fridge, and electricity.
This round we have been checking their 72 hour kits. Putting in fresh bottled water, and new batteries for their flashlight and radio.
HOW IS YOUR 72 HOUR KIT? Do you have fresh batteries and water? Do you HAVE a 72 hour kit?

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