Friday, April 17, 2009

SOOPSORI (translation:Forest Sounds)

Olivia told us about these really cool wooden toys she found
in New York at the MOMA. I found their phone number and
called them and today Alex met us at the subway stop and drove us to their
office where they graciously showed us their creations. So fun.
We got some and they used a laser and personalized the wooden blocks
by burning them with a laser beam. Go to
to see more. They use a variety of woods instead of dyes or paint
and the finish is linseed oil. Very beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Those toys are amazing. I will buy some when I find them. Are they way more expensive in the U.S.?
Also, Becky, I love your hair. You look beautiful. Hugs, Tina P. Jones

Ann said...

You don't see toys like that very often any more.