Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeing North Korea

The Bridge of No Return (between North & South Korea)

Propaganda City, North Korea. It is an empty city. The flag is 100 feet long and weighs 600 pounds. All the lights in the city go on and off at the same time. No one lives there.

Cameras atop the South Korean building aimed at North Korea.

A South Korean soldier with one eye on North Korea and hidden behind a building in case he had to hide from enemy fire.

Two North Korean soldiers. They occasionally got out their binoculars and looked at the tourists on the South side.
North Korea has been in the news a lot lately. Today we went with President and Sister Burton, the Picketts and the Bancrofts and visited the DMZ. Above are two soldiers, North Korean soliders, on the North side of the Demilitarized Zone. We were told not to point at them, or gesture towards them.

These flags used to be on a table which runs down the middle of the DMZ. You sit on one side of the table and you are in South Korea. Across the table you are in the North. There is a door on either side of the building leading to the two Koreas. One day the North Korean soldiers came in and took the American flag and wiped their boots with it. They then took the South Korean flag and blew their nose into it. After that, the United Nations took the flags and put them behind glass.
A South Korean Soldier standing with his feet straddling the DMZ.


Jordan said...

it's a crazy world

Brendon said...

I can think of a few gestures for North Korean soldiers. If I did those kind of things.

Brendon said...

Brendon, that's terrible!

It is so sad all that is going on in the world.

Ann said...

That last comment was me.

AnnMarie said...

Your North Korea-viewing experience was way cooler than ours. But then again, you can go into the Seoul Mission (lucky dogs!) and we're stuck with what we can get up by the Gimpo ward. All we saw when we went was a bunch of fog and the blurry outlines of mountains and buildings. It was still cool, though. :)