Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Neighborhood

Sindorim (pronounced SHEEN-DOOR-EEM)
is the name of our subway stop and neighborhood.
Sindorim is cleaner, friendlier and just plain nicer
than many of the neighborhoods we have visited.
We have a bank across the street to pay our bills and
exchange our money. We have a couple of fruit
vendors, a flower man, a variety of rotating vendors
that keep our sidewalk walks interesting and varied.
There's a nice, big E-Mart (imagine luxurious Wal-Mart)
close by, plus a ten-story Techno-Mart that sells all sorts
of clothing, electronics and household needs. Plus a really
good Italian restaurant that has a gorgonzola cheese, thin crust
pizza accompanied by a little cup of honey with roasted garlic chips that
we drizzle over the pizza. Mmmmm good! As we walk to and fro,
we have the regulars greet us with a bow,
or an"ahn-yeang-hah-say-oh" -hello.
We've been here 6 months. It is feeling like home. It's nice we never get a transfer call.

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