Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sample Some Steaming Silkworm Larvae Anyone?

It's just not food for sale on the street.

Silkworm larvae. I've tried 'em. Once is enough.

Steamin' snacks on a cold night.

The sweetest cukes ever!

Deep-fried heaven behind the plastic curtain!

Tiny, silvery, dried fish for sale.

Meaty snacks on a stick.

Waffles in the shape of fish filled with creme or bean paste.

Chilled citrus.

Rotisserie Chicken rotating above a wood fire is tempting.
(the above photos were snapped tonight going to and from our FHE
English Class in Hwagok)


Katy said...

Although it doesn't sound too appetizing, at least it's a feast for the eyes!

Ann said...