Sunday, January 25, 2009


She won my heart when I was 14 years old.
That was 40 years ago. And she keeps winning
it over each day for the last 14,600 days.
Her winning ways continued as we had Ashley,
Jordan, Katy, Jacob, Ann and Ben. She added
hearts that belonged to Ryan, Craig, Bryan, Megan,
Brendon, and Olivia. There was no contest in
her winning the hearts of Divine, Pearl, Seth,
Lucy, Olive, Hazel, Azure, Eli, Avery, Clover, and
Mary Deane.
she has a whole new country of hearts she is warming and
winning. She charms and warms them with her smile,
her personality, her meals, her kind words, and most of all
the pure love of Christ that she is sharing over here in Korea.
Thank you!
Thank you for who you are, and what you do and how you do it.
you have my
F O R E V E R !


Rebecca said...

17,339,040 minutes we have been married! Wow, how times flies when you are having fun!

Ann said...

She's won my heart too!

Katy said...

You're right, she doesn't even need to learn Korean to win hearts there. They are a lucky people to have both of you!