Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grocery Shopping at E-Mart

An aisle just for all the different varieties of rice.

Live crabs ready to pinch you if you reach in.

Fresh ginseng with cool mist blowing over them.

You can buy your carrots peeled and bagged or you can buy them with the dirt still attached (use the tongs to keep your fingers clean.

regular size scallions in the packagesbelow and above them are the 24" long scallions! They are huge! They barely fit in the fridge widthwise.

The coolest variety of sprouts I've ever seen. They include tiny watercress sprouts!

Colorful and unusual greens. My latest is adding stonecrop to my raman noodle soup. (PS My raman package has a health notice on it: "well-being" because it has no MSG and it has 60, yes 60! ingredients.

More greens with a cool fog blowing across them.

They have more samples than Costco could ever dream up. At least 3 kinds of pot stickers everyday, and they all wear these very futuristic white leggings. They seem to relish trying to feed me Korean delicacies. And the toothpicks are translucent green starch toothpicks that slowly dissolve if you suck on them long enough. Who wants to come grocery shopping with us?


Ann said...

I do! My favorite part would be the fresh greens and edible toothpick. Cool!

Jordan said...

I want some white, cinched boots like that!!!

Kurt Knudsen said...

look closer. They're cinched, but not attached to her shoes.

Katy said...

Oooh, I do! I like the dirty carrots. Nothing like the smell of fresh soil on your veggies!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

i miss E-mart!

Jessica Womble said...

Grocery shopping there looks really fun. I agree with Ann that the edible toothpick would be cool and the boots are a riot! Wes would love to come too and try all the free samples.