Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Traditions

When I was little, Mom Burch, my maternal grandmother always made Danish Pastry. The REAL Danish pastry with a layer of dough alternating with a layer of butter, ad infinitum. The dough is flecked with tiny specks of cardamom, a rarely used spice, but a necessary ingredient in my memory of Danish Pastry. We had them Christmas morning, drizzled with frosting and topped with a sliver of maraschino cherry.
Yesterday we found cardamom pods (the green things pictured above which you peel away leaving little mouse dropping looking seeds, and you grind those to a fine powder) and today on our way home from a baptism we found a mortar and pestle for sale out on the street. 10,000. Won for the cardamom, 4,000 Won for the mortar and pestle. Christmas memories recreated in Korea: priceless.


Rebecca said...

You all want to come to Korea now, don't you? Yummo!

The Baker's Goods said...

I wish I would have sent some cardamom in your package! This is the first time I've ever made danish pastries, your mission is encouraging us to do things on our own! Love you!