Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Red Still Life (and I'm still alive)

Test Results:
October November
HDL Chol 36 33 High risk
LDL Chol 118 88 Ideal
Triglycerides 275 151 Moderate risk
Cardiovascular Fitness 40.2ml/kg/min Very Good
Systolic blood pressure 122 mmHg Fair
Diastolic blood pressure 72 mmHg Desirable

Bench Press .71 Poor
Leg Press/Weight Ratio 1.56 Average
Modified Sit and Reach 13 inches Good
Calories 2710 or 101.3%
Fat 109g or 131%
Dietary Fiber 44g or 117%
Protein 115g or 182%
Fruit intake 230%
Vegetable intake 14%!


Rebecca said...

Yeah! I am so glad I have a husband that takes care of himself so we can be together a really long time.

Kurt Knudsen said...


Katy said...

Who is the painting of? I think it looks like me. My amaryllis aren't nearly as big, but they're blooming. Where do you get yours?

Kurt Knudsen said...

I thought the painting looked like you too! It was done by a student in your mom's class a few semesters ago. She never claimed it. Do you want it?
I get my amaryllis bulbs at John Scheepers. They are bigger than what I can find in the stores, plus a bigger variety--even green ones!

Anonymous said...

My, but we're getting personal? But then if you're willing to tell, I'm intrigued to check it out. I'm envious of your stats. There's no way I'd divulge mine.. .

Nice way to remind me of healthly choices on this Thanksgiving day. Anyway, hope all of you have a happy one. Love, Charlotte

Katy said...

We'd love the painting!