Friday, June 1, 2007

This is the casket I made for Mary Deane, my favorite mother-in-law of all time. She loved the gospel, she loved her 3 husbands, she loved her daughter, Rebecca, and she even loved me. Plus she loved anything blue and she loved shoes! A shoe box was the inspiration for this casket. And if you zoom in you can see tiny silver high heels hanging from the ruffle attached to the lid.
I also made my father's casket in the shape of his raceboat, My Stardust. I have also carved my casket which is my obituary in bas relief. Each of our 6 children contributed to it with their own box attached to the side.


Katy said...

This is lovely and I'm sure it made her smile. You need to post a picture of your casket--I don't think I've shown Ryan my other casket contribution yet!

judy said...

This is so beautiful. You really captured her light and dignity. You have such a reverence and love of people that it shows in your work.