Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rest Stops On Our Way from North Carolina To Utah

 Rebecca humored me by rerouting our U-haul along the most direct route to Carthage and Nauvoo, Illinois.  We had our own private tour of the Carthage Jail, where the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother were martyred.

 I was excited to be able to see the newly constructed Nauvoo temple.

 My relatives, Joseph, Newell and Lydia Knight lived in Nauvoo during the life of Joseph Smith.
 We also got to visit Elder Carl and Sister Paula Mangum, Craig's parents at the Winter Quarters visitor center, in Omaha Nebraska. We learned from them that Come, Come Ye Saints was written by William Clayton while he was in Winter Quarters just after learning that his wife had given birth back in Nauvoo.

 The Winter Quarters Temple.


Jordan said...

I love that quote!

Jessica said...

What a great detour. I Love Nauvoo!