Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Dunes Addendum

 Brooke was our death-defying, daring driver. His Nissan 4WD with deflated tires was our vehicle of violence. We all thought we were going to die! (or at least roll it and be maimed for life)
 The dunes flanked the Inland Sea of the Persian Gulf. Not much flora or fauna, but lots and lots of sand.
 Mary Deane giggled a lot until he took the first big drop down a 50 story dune. One word:  S  C  A  R  Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is bigger than it looks.
 High tide. 
 Migrating flamingoes.

 I asked Brooke (from Ethiopia) if he'd ever rolled his vehicle.  "No, but I've seen a lot of Qatari's roll their vehicles".
 Thanks to Brendon for making our last day in Qatar exhilarating. Both with the views and the velocity.
 Those are Toyota Land Cruisers (not Matchbox cars).

 Our pit stop for R&R (restroom and "refreshments")

 Look! Camels! What a surprise.
 We don't know whether the mask was to keep the flies out of his mouth and nostrils or to keep him from spitting and biting. We didn't unmask him.
 First time camelestrians, Ann and Mary Deane.

 Juda water in a Muslim country. hmmm.

Why Doha has dollars.

Once again, thank you Ann and Brendon for taking time off and showing us your amazing country!


olivia said...

it all sounds so thrilling! but i'm also thrilled by the striped dresscode, you three!

k a t y said...

Yes, love the stripes, love the beverages, and love the dunes. So fun.

Ann said...

MD still talks about this. Want to come back for round two??

PS You need to change your Blog Title