Friday, September 10, 2010

Watch 'em like a Hawk!

The chickens have been hiding out under the back porch. They're chicken!

But for good reason. We were inside and heard this loud squawking coming from one of them. Rebecca looked out the window and yelled

A HAWK WAS IN THE BACKYARD! One of chickens was wandering in the yard and the hawk swooped down and was ready to grab it with it's talons and go off and have a chicken breakfast. Lucky for that chicken, Rebecca ran out and scared the hawk away. Then we left for our morning walk. On the way, we looked up and saw the hawk circling overhead.
The chickens have stayed under the patio all day. Normally they are out foraging in the compost pile and clucking from clover to crumbs. But not today!

1 comment:

Ann said...

Poor Mangums (and their chickens)--they have had more trouble with these chicks. Hopefully no hawks will be having chicken dinner.