Monday, August 16, 2010

Scary Spider in Saxapahaw

Found this scary spider who weaves zig-zags in her web parked next to our car.
Who'd a guess that yarn tied to two sticks and dipped in 5 gallon buckets of soapy water could create such magic?!
We went to Saxapahaw on Saturday for the farmer's market, the bluegrass band, the giant slip'n slide and the big bubbles.
Ben and Olivia reunited after a month of long distance love calls. They're happy. We're happy.


Emma said...

I'm a long-time-ago friend to Ben and Olivia and I grew up in Oak Hills too. I enjoy linking off of Olivia's blog onto yours, the pictures are fantastic! I also live in Charlotte now with my Husband and daughter and we have 3 of those spiders in our garden. After researching them I discovered they are harmless to humans, and are known as the Black and Yellow Garden Spiders of NC.

Yet another lesson to me of how one should never pass quick judgment towards another based on appearances.

olivia said...

Hi Emma!

Where are you?? (In blogland) so I can come see you in real NC land!