Sunday, January 17, 2010

Families Can Be Forever

Kang Tae Soo and his wife Kim Junng Eun are both doctors. He is a cardiologist and his wife is a rehabilitationist (physical therapist?). She
joined the church in April 2008. For Christmas, she wanted as her gift for him to become a member of the church. It didn't happen. Tonight he said he would be baptized on her birthday, March 31. I had him write his name on our calendar. We will be there! Elder Jackson and Elder Kim are hoping to be there too.
Brendon Brosnan is from Ireland. He met Elder Harrison and Elder Barlow (from the Seoul Mission) a month and a half ago. Brother Jensen baptized him this afternoon after church. The pipes in the building are frozen, but there was a baptism yesterday and the water didn't drain from the font because of the frozen pipes. So Brendon was baptized in spite of plumbing problems.


Ann said...

What a beautiful familiy!

You have met people from all over the world!

Helena said...

Very cool!

I was looking for Korean mission blogs and found yours. The gray text on the red background kind of hurts my eyes.

Jordan said...

You look smashing in that sweater.