Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Beginning for You Me (Kim Yu Mi)

Yu Mi above Sister Hunt and Sister Ho was baptized by Elder Grant (who has been in Korea all of 3 days) today. Kim Yu Mi is getting her master's degree at Seoul University in Political Science (She loves NPR- National Public Radio). She speaks English flawlessly, Korean like a native (she is) and Chinese. And she doesn't like kimchi!
Sister Hunt from Saint George, Utah, Kim Yu Mi, and Sister Ho from Oahu, Hawaii (but her parents have moved to Alaska while she has been in Korea!
Photo session in the hall of the Shillim Ward building.

Congratulations Kim Yu Mi!


Yu-mi said...

my parents named me Yu-mi because they wanted me to think about others first(You),and then think about myself(Me).well...I'm working on it!Could you delete the last picture please~you don't have to mean to me^^thanks for coming today,i won't let you down!oh,you are the coolest couple i've ever met♡♥

AnnMarie said...

I love Shillim Ward! I miss them so much. It's so great to see others joining such a great ward -- congratulations to Yumi! :) So, Sisters Hunt and Ho are still together, huh? This is their third transfer, right?

Hilary said...

Hello Knudsens,
I am Sister Hunt's best friend from Santa Clara. We have known each other since we were toddlers. Thank you for posting pictures of this baptism, it is nice to see Kristy again. Hope all is well in Korea!
Hilary Felsted
Ogden, UT

Ann said...

Congratulations Yu-mi! We are so happy for you!