Monday, January 5, 2009

A Myriad of "Udderances"

There are more varieties of milk, yogurt, yogurt drinks and combinations thereof here in Korea than I have seen anywhere else. My first mission in Tonga was just the opposite. I drank milk twice during the two years I was there, and it was from a freshly milked cow. Here there is milk for the morning cake, milk for your afternoon tea, and of course, "good night milk".

There are many products with a bit 'o English written somewhere. Many are translated just a wee bit off too. Such as "lemonlaim" breath freshener, and the sweater we saw today that had "Patience is the Best of All Instructors" knitted across the front.


Katy said...

I loved your P day adventures.

I especially love(d) how happy you two are!

Jordan said...

Mickey and the morning cake!! It is one of our kids favorite reads.

Thank goodness for mis-translations and their entertainment value.