Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tied for 2nd Place

Megan and Jacob's housewarming party was a big success. Yummy chili, breadsticks, homemade rootbeer, Halloween candy and roasted pumpkin seeds were devoured. A pumpkin carving contest ensued with Ethan Kawasaki's "stabbing victim" pumpkin taking first, Jared Malan and Kurt's tongue sticker tied for second, and Ann Jones' sad face and Gabe Womble's Mrs. Pumpkin 2007 got honorable mention. Prizes awarded were cool LED flashlights, Scum (Rook) cards, and Cold Stone gift cards.


Megan Midori said...

Don't forget Gabe's for Honorable Mention as well!

Megan Midori said...

By the way, I think I liked your pumpkin the best.

Jordan said...

So sad to miss the warming of the house. Great jack-o-lanterns!