Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Traveling Missionaries

We go by subway. A LOT. We put 100,000Won on our
subway clicker at a time. That gets us in and out of the turnstyles.
We click to get into a subway station and that costs 900Won, and then depending on how far we travel, when we click out of a subway station,
it rings up 000 or 100 or 200 or 300Won.
We are on the Green no.2 line. There are about 10 different lines
that run throughout Seoul. Very efficient, a train pulls in about every 2 minutes on average. They keep them clean, workers come through the cars on a regular basis and sweep up, take down the illegal ads, and gather in the left behind newspapers. The signs and announcements are in Korean and English. We are the only non-Asians on the train about 98% of the time.
Sister Knudsen has a laminated subway map in her purse. I follow her where she leads.


Ann said...

Whoa. Mom and her love of maps...

Katy said...

So, does that mean she really is the Senior Comp?