Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elizabeth Buford & Micheal Graff are Sealed for Eternity!

Steven and Lynette Graff. Lynette is Ann's good friend from BYU and Steven is Michael's brother. Small world, eh?

Micheal and his bishop waiting the arrival of the bride. at Woodend, a bird refuge close to the Washington D.C. temple, where the ring ceremony and wedding dinner took place.
Elizabeth and her father arrive in a horse drawn carriage.
Father and daughter.
Mr and Mrs. Michael Graff.
A bird in the hand...
A flock of doves were released at sunset.
The Grandparents.

The Bride and her maids.

Our two favorite bride's maids- Sister Lemon and Sister Gold. Sister Lemon was involved in the teaching and conversion of Elizabeth while we were in Korea.  Sister Gold and Elizabeth were missionary companions for a transfer when Elizabeth was asked to be a missionary for a transfer when there weren't enough Sister missionaries for a transfer. They taught 4 people who were baptized during that time!
We love these two! Sister Lemon is now Mrs. Rigdon, living in Colorado and Sister Gold is now Kerry Gold, living in Provo and attending BYU. We had both teach investigators in our apartment in Seoul. It was so fun to catch up with them in Maryland!

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